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Custom election simulator

Choose a candidate and run against a computer opponent or a candidate controlled by another person over the Internet. The Political Machine is Here It's time to enter the race! Buy on For this election cycle we have a ton of updates in store between now and Spread your Ideology — Participate in Town Hall events to earn ideology points and solidify your position on hot issues with your voters.

Manage your Campaign Budget — Purchase advertisements, travel across the country to campaign, and hire operatives to enhance your PR or cripple your opponent. Create a Candidate — Customize your own front runner and race for the White House. Participate in Interviews - Accept invitations to various talk shows across the country in order to share your opinion on issues important to the American people.

Generate Enthusiasm — Use your power and money to purchase ads to discredit your opponent and influence voters.

The greater enthusiasm your base has for an issue, the more effective your ad campaigns will be.

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Choose your Candidate — Play as one of several candidates, each with their own custom stats like stamina, intelligence, charisma, media bias, and more. Practice your Politics — A sophisticated underlying simulation model uses census data and real issues to test your political savvy.

Check your Standings — With poll tracking and leaderboards, you can see how well people are playing as their candidates or what issues they are supporting over time. Create your own custom candidate and put up a fight for the White House! Biden and Trump aren't "feeling the Bern" here - and neither is Kentucky. Customize your ideology and choose the platforms that appeal most to your voters.

Stay "sharp" on interviews - they could raise voters' enthusiasm or put you in danger. Give speeches on important issues, paying attention to what's important to that state. The Political Machine v1.Since the conclusion of the presidential election, people have been rightfully pushing off the idea that we need to start discussing the race anytime soon.

But with only 22 months to go and the first potential nominees already throwing their hats into the ring, it seems we can push it off no longer. Thankfully, the political minds at The Washington Post and Google have created a pretty handy tool that allows us to skip all the tedious election activities like picking candidates, watching them campaign, and reluctantly voting for them. Now we can just ask the internet who would win.

Take that, cats! Try to step up your ground game in the Midwest a little more next time.

Election Calculator

Sure, this could be a symptom of a less-than-accurate vote tallying system. At least when it comes to pets and preferred sandwich contents. Contributor, The A. Pay me to write for you, you coward. The A. Shop Subscribe.

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Westworld spends some time with the man behind the machine.The Electoral College is the process in which the United States elects its president. Each state Including the District of Columbia is allocated a number of electors equal to its number of representatives plus two for each of its senators.

To win the presidency, a candidate must win a majority of all electors. Most states have a "winner-take-all" system, where the candidate who wins the popular vote in the state, wins all of its electors. States such as Nebraska and Maine use a proportional system to allocate its electors.

custom election simulator

For more information please visit Cookies are used to track analytics, serve personalized ads, detect bots, and improve website functionality. By continuing to use the website cookies for non personal advertisements and analytics will still run. Delegate Edit. Lock Map.

Share Map. My Maps. Current Map. Powered By. Enable Popular Vote. Settings Auto Margins Setting the popular vote will also set the color of a state.

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Auto Popular Vote Clicking on a district will set the popular vote to max. State Popular Vote Select a State. National Popular Vote. Enable Simulator. National Presets. Settings Ignore Click Clicking doesn't set state color or open menu. State Percentage Select a State.

custom election simulator

Run Simulation. Contested Seats. Candidate Edit. Custom Color Edit. Add Candidate. Custom 1. Custom 2. Custom 3. Custom 4. United States. Back Close. State Legislature. USA Historical.Arch-style diagram. US-style diagram. Westminster-style diagram. There are three ways to use this tool: You can get a list of parties from a previous diagram that has been created with this tool. Alternatively, you can do it manually: you can click the "Add a party" button at any time and fill in the name and number of seats in the form that appears, and click "Add a party" whenever you need to add a new party.

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The third option is to get a list of parties for your country from Wikidata. To do this, select your country from the drop-down box, click "Query party list" and you can select a party from the next drop-down list and click "add party" and fill in the number of seats.

Note: the colours of the parties generated from Wikidata are not correct! You need to correct them by hand! After filling in the parties with any of these methods, click "Make my diagram", and a link will appear to your SVG diagram. You can then freely download and use the diagram, but to use the diagram in Wikipedia, you should upload it to Wikimedia Commons.

You can do this directly, by clicking on the green button to create an upload link. Click on the link and follow the instructions: it will upload the file under your username, including the list of parties in the file description. This tool will automatically add your file to the election apportionment diagrams category, but you should categorise it in more detail after uploading.

Please submit bug reports and feature requests at the project's issue tracker. To get the list of parties from an existing parliament diagram on commons which uses legend templates, put the name of the diagram into the text box below. If you want to add a party manually Click here. Parliament Diagrams Arch-style diagram.

This is a tool to generate arch-shaped parliament diagrams. Get list of parties from:.

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Country Select your country. Parties Select your country first! Make my diagram.As is also always the case, this emphasis is misplaced. This is, after all, a race for delegates. These delegates are awarded in a series of state contests taking place over the course of some four months, and they are awarded under convoluted rules that vary wildly from state to state.

Which is a lengthy way of saying: The Republican primary campaign is heavily path dependent, rendering national polling of little value. The order of the contests, the structure of the rules, and the interplay between those two factors can play a huge role in selecting the eventual winner that national polls simply cannot illustrate.

The process is fairly simple. You can also use the current RCP national average or, in the later states, the inputs from the previous state as your starting point. You can, however, alter the congressional district delegates. Many states allocate some of their delegates to the winners of individual congressional districts.

This is probably a good rule of thumb, but it can nevertheless be a faulty assumption. For example, part of the way that Barack Obama survived Super Tuesday in was by winning with overwhelming strength in African-American districts in the South, allowing him to rack up delegates beyond the proportionality that the statewide contest would have assumed.

The results of races are tracked at the top, with one row beneath the candidate pictures for delegates won and another for contests won remember, a candidate needs eight wins to have his or her name placed into nomination at the convention.

You can drop candidates out along the way, but the feature is disabled during multi-primary days e. If you make a mistake, you can drop candidates back in. The debate centers on whether this time might be different, given the strength of some of the insurgent candidates, the rise of Internet fundraising, and the ability of super PACs to keep candidates going after a few losses. We saw this to some degree inwhen Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum — not overwhelmingly strong candidates — managed to stretch the contest out through extended periods where they did not win any races.

If they could do this, imagine what a Ted Cruz or Donald Trump might do. South Carolina is really important: While most of the media attention has focused on Iowa and New Hampshire, perhaps the most important early state, assuming the field remains crowded, is South Carolina. Given that there are relatively few delegates that will have been awarded by that point, a candidate who won, say, 42 delegates in the Palmetto State could wind up the delegate leader for the next month or so.

It would work like this: Many states have minimum thresholds for allocating delegates, so a candidate would have to win, say, 20 percent of the vote to win any delegates. In a crowded field, it is entirely possible that only one candidate would win 20 percent of the vote, taking all of the delegates. But most states have realized this, and have adjusted their laws such that the top two vote getters are guaranteed delegates regardless of the cutoff. Southern states winnow: One place that we can confirm the conventional wisdom is the idea that Southern states will do the winnowing.

The early primaries are overwhelmingly — though not exclusively — held in Southern states. Interestingly, the exceptions tend to be Northern caucus states that have been surprisingly fertile ground for insurgent candidates; Rick Santorum ran well in many of these places The upshot of this is that a very conservative primary electorate will be eliminating candidates from the field early on.

custom election simulator

What you think the consequences of this will be plays a huge role in how your simulation ultimately plays out.

Northern states decide: The corollary to this, however, is that Northern states with more moderate electorates will decide who the nominee will be.This simple election calculator, the courtesy of A. Yavuz Oruc and JavaScript computes the number of seats won by a political party in a parliamentary election. It uses the D'Hondt's electoral system where the votes of only those political parties that receive at least a threshold percentage of the valid votes are taken into account. Enter the votes of the parties in whole numbers such as,without using any spaces or commas into the text fields across the party amblems.

Enter the threshold, if any, as a percentage. You can enter any number between 0 and This should be useful when you want to exclude a particular party with the least percentage of votes from winning any seats. You can also enter 0 in the number of votes row for any particular party that falls below the required threshold.

That is, if you would like to assume that a party gathers less than the threshold over all the election districts then you should enter 0 in an estimation of the number of seats for that party in any district. Enter the number of seats to be contested. Note You can use your keyboard keys to directly fill out the text fields.

Note In some pathological cases, the number of seats may be distributed unevently. In such a case one party goes without a seat. The implementation of Dhondt's algorithm is simplified to avoid excessive use of memory, especially when there are too many seats. Thus, rather than computing all the quotients of the numbers of votes by 1,2,3, etc.Our interactive presidential election map is currently based on the consensus of the following forecasts and polling data:.

For more on these, check out our brief review of the electoral college forecasts. To create your own forecast for the election, click on the states in the map to toggle them between Democrat, Republican and Tossup and watch the electoral map tallies change.

You can even download your custom map and even share it on social media. Check back often or sign up for our email list.

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If you prefer, you can also use the electoral map or the midterm election vote as the starting point for your own electoral forecast. The winner of the presidential election must win the majority of the electoral votes — that is at least out of the available. There is actually one way to win the presidency without getting electoral votes. If the election results in a to electoral vote tiethen the House of Representatives convenes to choose the president.

InDonald Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by roughly three million people but won electoral votes and the presidency. Based on recent polling, his chances of winning the popular vote in are at least as challenging as they were in That suggests his best hope for re-election might be to once again assemble an Electoral College majority without winning the popular vote.

Any review of the various Electoral College combinations should begin with Florida, a state key to all presidential fortunes since the presidential election. If Trump were to win Florida again, Democrats would need to recapture three Midwestern states in the Rust Belt — or find substitutes — to win the presidency. If Democrats win Florida, any one of the three Rust Belt states would secure the presidency, unless Trump can pick off another blue state that Democrats won in Trump won these three states by less than a combined 80, votesor just.

Election Calculator

But that was still enough to get Trump to the to win. But if Democrats lose all three states again, then they would need another path to the presidency.

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All of those states went to Trump inbut there are some indications from early polling that at least some might be among the battleground states in play in In recent modern elections, there have been a dozen or more truly competitive battlegrounds which could result in many various paths to electoral votes. For instance, despite the narrow popular vote margin inmore than two dozen states were decided by margins of 15 percentage points or more.

Inwhen the popular vote margin was seven percentage points, there were just 17 states which were won by such big margins. One way of looking at how the electoral map has changed in recent years is to evaluate which states are most likely to provide the electoral votes needed to secure During the and elections won by Barack Obama, Virginia and Colorado were the tipping point states.

But because of Democratic gains among college-educated voters in these states, both have moved sharply toward the Democrats in recent years. In contrast, even though Ohio was the most important battleground in the electionunderlying trends have moved it towards the Republicans in recent elections. Inmany political analysts think that Wisconsin, where Democrats will hold their national convention incould prove to be the tipping point state in a close election.

For President Trump, the best path for re-election is the exact same one that handed him the presidency in But Trump got a major warning sign during the midterm elections when the three all-important Rust Belt states delivered big victories to Democrats. Democrats in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan swept the races for Senate and governor, and picked up valuable House seats, defeating Trump-backed Republicans at all levels.

Whether this was a fleeting backlash or a preview of the electoral map remains to be seen, but the outcome in those key states will be important to watch as the campaign progresses.

HOW TO BECOME PRESIDENT! Political Machine 2016 Gameplay

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